Phase II and Phase III Information

Dear Internet Analysis Seminar Participants,

We now move onto Phase II of the Seminar. Since the participation in Phase I was slightly different than what was expected (this is a learning experience for me as well), we are going to modify Phases II and Phase III.

Phase II and III will now change in the following ways. I have recently up loaded a list of 10 potential projects. Each of these projects builds upon the background that was developed via the lectures of Phase I. Participants interested in working through one of these projects should send me an email ( with your ranking of the project you would like to work on by March 1, 2011. The typical participant will be a graduate student or postdoc and not an expert on the topic, but interested in jointly learning a new subject.

Ten people will be selected to participate in the workshop (one per project). Your task with the project will be to read through the paper and then prepare two one-hour lectures. These presentations will take place during a week-long conference as part of Phase III. Your goal in preparing the lectures is to present enough of the paper so that the other participants of Phase III will be able to gain an understanding of the paper. Additionally, you will need to write an approximately 5 page summary of the topic prior to the workshop meeting of Phase III.

The exact details for Phase III are still a little uncertain. I am currently looking to hold the workshop either at a resort on the Georgia coast or at one of the state parks in Georgia. The dates are also still being worked out. They will either be June 5-11, June 12-18, July 10-16, or July 17-23 and will depend upon availability of the venues. Interested participants should be available to attend the workshop during those dates. Exact details should be known soon, and will be provided to the participants selected. Local expenses and reasonable travel costs will be covered for participants.

The Internet Analysis Seminar is supported by National Science Foundation DMS # 0955432.

If you have additional questions please let me know.


Date and Location of Phase III

Dear Colleagues,

As an update to the previous post, the workshop will take place Monday June 13 to Friday June 17, 2011 at the Sea Palms Resort on St. Simon's Island, Georgia.

Selected participants will be notified shortly after the deadline of March 1, 2011.