Projects Related to the Internet Analysis Seminar - Phases 2 and 3

Dear Participants,

The final lecture to the Internet Analysis Seminar has been posted to the webpage now. This completes Phase I of the Seminar and so we will now move to the second part of the Seminar.

In early February a list of potential projects will be posted to the Seminar webpage. These projects will be related to the topics that have been covered in the Seminar and will serve to help the interested reader to get to the forefront of research in these topics. The typical participant will be a graduate student or postdoc and not an expert on the topic, but interested in jointly learning a new subject. Participants will be required to prepare a 2 hour lecture on some topic in advance, and submit a 4-6 page summary of their topic prior to the summer school which will be sometime in June or July (exact details will be posted with the list of topics).

If you have further questions about the next phases, please just ask.

The Summer School is supported by National Science Foundation DMS # 0955432..