Typos in the Lectures

Dear Participants,

Without fail, I have noticed that there are some typos in the lectures (I would have been more surprised if there weren't any!). At this point, it appears that many of them are rather minor, but just as a warning I will be updating lectures as typos are pointed out to me. Thanks also to those who have pointed out typos to me, I appreciate you taking the time to read the notes and email these issues to me.

Going forward, instead of emailing me typos, if you happen to notice a typo while working through the lectures, maybe you would be nice enough to simply put in it this discussion topic?


Thanks for pointing out this

Thanks for pointing out this error. I have corrected it and will upload the corrected lectures this afternoon (10/18/2010).


Typo on Theorem 0.1 Lecture 2

The first constant on the last sentence of the Theorem 0.1 of Lecture 2 should read 32^-1 and not 32,
or this is what it seems when reading the proof (see page 5, 4 lines from bottom).